Receive up to 2.400 € for your new job

Looking to start a job or a traineeship with social impact in the EU? You are between 18 and 30 years old? Apply now to get financial support.

Who can apply

Anybody between 18 and 30 years who is moving to Austria or from Austria to another EU member state to start a paid job or traineeship with social impact.


Diana, 21, from Italy, moves to Vienna for 6 months to do a paid internship with a nonprofit organisation taking care of homeless people.

Robert, 27, from Austria, moves to Berlin for a minimum of 12 months for a full time paid job with a nonprofit organisation raising awareness for children’s rights.

Both Diana and Robert are eligible to receive their traveling costs refunded as well as a relocation allowance.

What you get

Travel costs

max. 1.500 €
(depending on distance)

Relocation allowance

max. 900 €
(depending on the duration of your employment)

How to apply


Find a paid job or traineeship

There are many different job boards with social impact. In order to be eligible you must find a full time paid job or traineeship.


Sign a work contract

The working conditions (salary, working hours etc.) must fulfill the minimum legal standards and comply with the labour law of the host country.



Register at the European Youth Portal and fill in your profile.


Apply for funding

Write to our project coordinator Alexandra Mojedano,, in order to apply for our programme.


What do you mean by “social impact”?

Our funding programme is financed by the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). Therefore employments which strenghten solidarity in Europe are eligible for funding. The official definition by the ESC is as follows:

Any occupation, regardless of whether it is one requiring high skilled workers or low-skilled workers, and regardless of the sector it belongs to, can be regarded as a solidarity-related activity provided the nature and/or scope of that particular activity reflects a clear desire to commit to the common good and serve others.

European Solidarity Corps Guide 2020,

We found the term “social impact” to be appropiate to describe the scope of our programme. If you are in doubt whether your job or traineeship fits this description please contact us.

Am I eligible for funding if I am working as a volunteer and I receive an allowance of 200 / 300 / 500 € per month?

No. Only paid jobs or traineeships according to the national labour law of the host country fall within the scope of our funding programme. Volunteer work, even if you receive some kind of salary / allowance is unfortunately not eligible.

Am I eligible for funding if my university / school curriculum requires me to do an internship?

Unfortunately we are not able to support you if you are doing a mandatory internship within your educational curriculum.

Am I eligible for funding if my new job requires me to work 35 hours per week?

We can only support you if your job or traineeship is on a full-time basis. What qualifies as full-time depends on the national laws of the country where you will work (“host country”). In some countries full-time might mean 35 hours, in other countries it might be 40 hours per week.

If you are not sure about it, please send us a copy of your working contract and we will have look for you.

How do I know if the working conditions fulfill the legal requirements of the host country?

If you are not sure about it, please send us a copy of your working contract and we will have look for you.

We are a social organisation (NGO / social business) and are seeking for employees. Can we get funding too?

Yes. We want to encourage employers to recruit young people from other EU countries. Thats why we support with up to 300 € covering your administrative expenses. You are eligible for our funding programme if
a) your organisation is based in Austria and you are recruiting a person between 18 and 30 from another EU country
b) your organisation is based in the EU and you are recruiting a person between 18 and 30 which is moving from Austria to start a new job or traineeship.

Apply now

Alexandra Mojedano, Project Manager

If you have any questions contact Alexandra at
+43 660 8422 916

Apply now

Please make sure to understand the most important criteria for eligibility of our funding programme by answering the following questions. If the answer to one of the questions is no it means that you are not eligible.
Please describe briefly the details of your planned job or traineeship (what, when, where).