This project and its funding has ended in 2023 and unfortunately we can’t accept any more grant requests.

Receive up to 3.300 € for your new job

Looking to start a job or a traineeship with social impact in the EU? Are you between 18 and 30 years old? Apply now to receive a grant.

Who can apply


Diana, 21, from Italy, moves to Vienna for 6 months to do a paid internship with a nonprofit organisation taking care of homeless people.

Robert, 27, from Austria, moves to Berlin for a minimum of 12 months for a full time paid job with a nonprofit organisation raising awareness for children’s rights.

Both Diana and Robert are eligible to receive their traveling costs refunded as well as a relocation allowance.

What you get

Travel costs

max. 1.500 €
(depending on distance)

Relocation allowance

max. 1.800 €
(depending on the duration of your employment)

How to apply

Find a paid job or traineeship

There are many different job boards with social impact. In order to be eligible you must find a full time paid job or traineeship.

Sign a work contract

The working conditions (salary, working hours etc.) must fulfill the minimum legal standards and comply with the labour law of the host country.

Apply for a grant

Write to our project coordinator Alexandra Mojedano,, to apply for a grant.


What do you mean by “social impact”?

Am I eligible for a grant if I am working as a volunteer and I receive an allowance of 200 / 300 / 500 € per month?

Am I eligible for a grant if my university / school curriculum requires me to do an internship?

Am I eligible for a grant if my new job requires me to work 20 hours per week?

What is the minimum length of my job / internship so that I can apply for the grant?

How do I know if the working conditions fulfill the legal requirements of the host country?

Do I have to pay tax on the grant?

In which country must the job or traineeship take place?

We are a social organisation (NGO / social business) and are seeking for employees. Can we get a grant too?

Which documents do I need to apply?

Do I have to find the job or internship through

Apply now

Alexandra, Project Manager

If you have any questions contact Alexandra at
+43 660 1195 972
or contact us quickly and easily via Signal or WhatsApp